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Episode #65 – Actor Duncan Regehr: 21st Century Renaissance Man

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Duncan Regehr

Duncan Regehr evolved from a classically-trained Shakespearean stage actor to leading man status in major films and TV series like Wizards and Warriors, The Last Days of Pompeii, My Wicked, Wicked Ways and to his most iconic role as “Don Diego de la Vega” in 88 episodes of Zorro.

Always in demand as an actor, Duncan is now recognized as a world-class painter, sculptor, and published poet. His creativity is his “truth”…and it makes for a fascinating conversation!

Episode #64 – Actress Ruta Lee: Act Two!

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ruta lee autobiography book cover

This book is a blast!

Ruta Lee is back for another sizzling, no-hold-barred conversation in which she “dishes” about her incredible Hollywood career.

You’ll hear all about Ruta’s new memoir “Consider Your Ass Kissed”…a true treasure trove of wonderful personal stories and anecdotes with outrageous memories of the entertainment industry.

Episode #63 – George Chakiris: Oscar-winning Star of West Side Story

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photo george chakiris westside story

George Chakiris

Here’s an intimate conversation with Academy Award winner George Chakiris…truly a triple threat as an actor, dancer, and singer.  You’ll hear the personal story of a genuine and lasting Hollywood superstar.

He’s a man with more than just “talent”…he’s a truly thoughtful professional and an inspiration to anyone looking for a career in the entertainment industry.

Episode #62 – Mark Stouffer: Award-winning Producer-Director and creator of “Money for Your Movie Guaranteed”

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"Money for Your Movie Guaranteed"-VIDEO COURSE

“Money for Your Movie Guaranteed”-VIDEO COURSE

The producer-director of nearly two dozen feature films Mark Stouffer’s inspiring story is unique in all of show business.

Mark gets up close and personal in telling his story, and then introduces his proprietary system for funding movies, now available as an exciting new video course,  Money for Your Movie Guaranteed.

Episode #61 – Linda Purl: Legendary Actress, Amazing Singer

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linda purl singerHere’s an amazing, free-flowing conversation with this generation’s most gifted and dynamic actress-singer.

Linda’s latest career moves have her making big waves as a recording artist and cabaret singer.  With multiple solo concert appearances in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, her CDs Midnight Caravan, Taking a Chance on Love, and Up Jumped Spring are destined to become classics.

Episode #60 – Television Director Alan J. Levi

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Alan J. Levi: Directing Master

Alan J. Levi has directed over 350 hours of prime-time network television!

This free-ranging and inspiring interview is a living lesson that will both encourage you and show how to build an incredible career as a Hollywood Television Director.

Episode #59 – Actress Ruta Lee:  High Energy Hollywood Star

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actress ruta lee

Ruta Lee: High Energy Star!

This podcast interview with film and TV star Ruta Lee is pure energy and inspiration!

Ruta Lee is a born entertainer whose career began while attending famed Hollywood High and working around the corner at Grauman’s Chinese Theater as an usherette.

You’ll hear Ruta sharing stories about her roles in iconic movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Witness for the Prosecution, and Sergeant’s Three, playing opposite a roster of leading men that included Read More>>

Download the interview!

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producer television movies paramount studios

Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown, one of Hollywood’s most seasoned and prolific television movie producers, tells a uniquely personal story that saw him go from “small town boy” to the pinnacle of Hollywood success.

Listen right now!

Listen right now!

In a wide-ranging informal conversation with Bob and Suzanne, Dennis recalls career highlights that include getting hired by Grant Tinker (who would later build MTM Productions with his wife Mary Tyler Moore), surviving United Artist Studios’ implosion following the debacle of Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate, and ultimately becoming an award winning producer on his own.

heaven's gate movie michael cimino western dvd

The movie that killed a studio…

During the course of his amazing career, Dennis Brown has supervised multiple Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning…Read More>

Episode #26 – “Brady Bunch” Producer Lloyd Schwartz: Hollywood Career Tips & How to Deal with Actors

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hit tv show florence henderson robert reed sherwood schwartz lloyd schwartz warner bros television

The “Brady Bunch” main title card

Lloyd Schwartz, one of TV’s most prolific writer-producers shares the story of his long and successful career in Hollywood and beyond.

the brady bunch gilligan's island producing warner bros televsion

Lloyd Schwartz: the youngest producer in Hollywood

Starting as a youth camp counselor and a standup comic (with member of The Black Panthers as his working partner) Lloyd tells stories about selling his first network script on the Paramount Studios lot while still in college.

His innate confidence and writing ability saw him rise quickly through the ranks to become…Read More>

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Episode #25 – Jimmy Hawkins (part 2): Producing Movies & TV

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ozzie and harriet donna reed elvis presley ricky nelson television star

Jimmy Hawkins: from actor to mega-producer!

santa barbara celebrities movies television music

“Where Hollywood Hides” THE BOOK!

Turning away from an incredible career as an actor with more than 500 professional credits, Jimmy Hawkins set out to “remake” himself and soon became one of Hollywood’s most entrepreneurial and commercially successful independent film and television producers.

movie poster evel knievel dvd george hamilton actor producer

George Hamilton as “Evel Knievel”

In one of the more inspirational celebrity interviews, you’ll hear how Jimmy navigated the shark-infested waters of Hollywood power-brokers and deal-makers to help finance and produce Evel Knievel with George Hamilton, and the thrill of the movie’s star-studded premier at Grauman’s Chinese Theater that turned a small independent film into…Read More>


Episode #24 – Garner Simmons: from Sam Peckinpah to “Falcon Crest”

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writer producer director garner simmons sam peckinpah author

Garner Simmons

Garer Simmons—television and feature film screenwriter—joins Bob McCullough and Suzanne Herrera McCullough for a faced-paced conversation focused upon the twists and turns of his Hollywood writing career.

With “writing in the blood”, Garner tells his unique story of breaking into show business while working on his PhD by writing the definitive biography of legendary movie director Sam Peckinpah.

garner simmons book on sam peckinpah

The definitive biography

Using his critically-acclaimed book Peckinpah: A Portrait in Montage as his calling card, Garner began climbing the rungs of the Hollywood career ladder by following his personal mantra…Read More>


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Episode #23 – Director Jerry London: From I Love Lucy to Shogun

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director jerry london actress whoopi goldberg

Jerry and Whoopi Goldberg

Bob and Suzanne interview one of Hollywood’s most esteemed  directors, Jerry London. With hundreds of primetime television series, movies, and mega-miniseries to his credit, Jerry tells how he broke into show business as an apprentice film editor on I Love Lucy, and what it was like “paying dues” working on The Untouchables and The Danny Thomas Show. Lucille Ball Dezi Arnaz Desilu Studios I Love Lucy

Listen right now!

Listen right now!

Jerry has great stories about working closely with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, including his “day at the races” with Hollywood stars…Read More>


Episode #22 – Wolfman Jack: Writing & Performing With A Legend

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Host of The Midnight Special Wolfman Jack disc jockey actor

Wolfman Jack: The Legend

Opening with an audio-clip tease of the early days of “outlaw radio”, this episode delivers real memories of the early days of Rock n’ Roll!

Listen right now!

Listen right now!

Bob  jumps into the heart of the episode with his questionable vocal impression of one of the world’s true broadcasting originals, the inimitable Wolfman Jack.

XERB radio station poster classic rock station

Outlaw Radio at its finest!

Suzanne and Bob deliver some amazing sound clips from The Wolfman himself and from his professional inspiration, early Rock ‘n Roll’s most powerful and popular disc jockey (before he got busted for his involvement in assorted “payola” schemes), the incredibly fast-talking “Moondog”Read More>



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Episode #21 – TV Writing: Comedy, Drama, & Animation with “The Man Who Killed Transformers’ Optimus Prime

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Ron Friedman: TV Writing Master

Ron Friedman: TV Writing Master

In one of the most rollicking celebrity interviews, join a “live” conversation over lunch in Beverly Hills with Ron Friedman, one of the most prolific and celebrated television writers of all time.  It’s an unpredictable and laugh-filled session as Ron talks about working with show business  legends like longtime friend Stan Lee, the creator of X-Men, Spider Manand Iron Man.

Optimus Prime Transformers

Transformers: Optimus Prime

If you want the real “inside story” from the visionary behind Transformers: The Movie, and “the man who killed Optimus Prime” listen now…


Listen right now!

Listen right now!

Episode #20 – Ross Borden: A Passion for Acting

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RossBorden1Here’s a free-wheeling “live on location” interview as Ross Borden discusses his Detroit origins that led to an onstage vaudeville childhood of singing, dancing, and making false eyelashes for nightclub strippers…and how he became (of all things) a professional dentist.

How Ross stepped away from a prosperous 20-year dental career to follow his true creative passions right into the major Hollywood studios as a “go to” guest actor is truly the stuff of Hollywood Dreams.

Ross and David Carradine together!

With credits on shows like Kung Fu,Simon & SimonFalcon Crest,Hawaii 5-0and T.J. Hooker, Ross knows what he’s talking about as he shares candid personal memories of David Carradine, Robert Wagner, Jacqueline Bisset, and the Hollywood “casting couch”…Read More>


Episode #19 – Acting Has Been “A Wonderful Life” for Jimmy Hawkins  (Part 1)

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Jimmy Hawkins

This episode opens with Bob and Suzanne’s recent (exhausting) trip to Disneyland where they survived on Starbucks, touches upon memories of Mickey Rooney, and then moves into the first of many in-depth candid celebrity interviews to come…as you join them for a free-wheeling chat with their good friend, actor-producer Jimmy Hawkins.

Jimmy & Elvis

Jimmy & Elvis

Nobody else in Hollywood comes close to Jimmy’s history of nearly 200 acting roles working alongside stars like Shelly Fabares, Elvis Presley , Rick Nelson, Fred McMurray, Brandon DeWilde, Sally Field, Spencer Tracy, and Katharine Hepburn.

It’s an informal conversation over lunch (you’ll hear lots of eating and drinking!) as Jimmy recalls intimate details of a long career that began when…Read More>


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Episode #18 – “Zorro” – Behind the Scenes

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ZorroDVDAfter Suzanne reacts to the impact of having recently seen Blackfish, the documentary detailing the dangerous cruelty of the SeaWorld theme parks, this episode details how this updating of the classic “Zorro” was realized through international co-production financing and the “well-oiled machine” created by producers Goodman-Rosen.

He also describes the talent search undertaken to find the right actor for the  dual lead roles of “Don Diego” and “Zorro”, and takes pride in recalling that Canadian Duncan Regehr–the first of nearly 100 actors to audition for the part–was his only choice.  Duncanzorro“I put Duncan’s name in my pocket that first day…and after seeing every actor in town, pulled it out two weeks later,” he recalls.

Suzanne describes the rigors of shooting in mid-summer Madrid, Spain and reminds Bob that it wasn’t just the heat that affected his directing on the set, it was his innate fear of…Read More>


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Episode #17 – “Star Trek: TNG”-Behind the Scenes (Part 2)

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SamSnareCreditBob completes the tale of his “interesting” year as a writer-producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation, an assignment that even he admits may not have been the “perfect fit” for him.

Bob confesses his frustration with the “downward spiral of politics” among the show’s executives and producers (as Gene Roddenberry’s leadership of the series became increasingly mercurial and sporadic), and reveals his personal point of view about writing for one of television’s cultural holy grails.STTNGposter

With his writing focus on ST:TNG‘s characters and storylines, Bob’s life on the show was colored by his ironic–and somewhat irreverent–take on all things technical…Read More>


Episode #16 – “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – Behind the Scenes!

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ST: TNG Cast

ST: TNG Cast

Suzanne starts this podcast with a local’s perspective of Oprah Winfrey’s recent “yard sale” down the street from our recording studio at The Santa Barbara Polo Club.  It was another international media event right in our back yard…”where Hollywood hides”!

The conversation then turns to Bob’s work as writer-producer on the second season of  Star Trek: The Next Generation for Paramount Television.ST-TNGlogo

He describes his fancy office–on the same studio lot where he got his start as a “gopher” on Mission: Impossible– and recounts his first meeting with martinis-at-lunch Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry…Read More>


Episode #15 – The Disaster of “Ohara” and Tales of Bruce Lee

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Pat Morita as an FBI agent...? Sure...

Pat Morita as an FBI agent…? Sure…

The episode begins with Suzanne creating some mystery and revealing secrets as she talks about her new bathing suit, today’s generation of pampered Hollywood pets…and the  conversation turns to Bob’s experiences as Supervising Producer on Ohara, a Warner Bros. TV series that starred Pat Morita of The Karate Kid fame. KarateKid

Bob candidly reveals the difficulties in writing and producing a cop show for the former“Mr. Miyagi”, and details a production plagued by a vague, constantly-changing franchise…a challenge made all the more difficult by a phalanx of bickering producers, studio chiefs, and network executives ranging from Brian Grazer to…Read More>


Episode #14 – Hollywood Meets the NFL and a TV Pilot Goes “Busted”

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This episode opens with Suzanne’s discussion of all things “reality TV” as she describes the new Ryan Seacrest reality show Montecito shot right in her Santa Barbara neighborhood, while Bob shares his appreciation for classic rock music albums on vinyl.

Hall of Famer, actor, and great guy Butkus

Hall of Famer, actor, and great guy Butkus

Bob then reveals how he got the “inside track” and sold a television pilot at NBC Productions starring the unlikely trio of NFL Chicago Bears Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus, Harriet Nelson–classic television queen of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet fame–and young Johnny Galecki, the star of CBS-TV series The Big Bang Theory.

The conversation moves into the secrets of…Read More>


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Episode #13 – Hollywood “Stunt” Casting and Bob’s Biggest Failure

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One of Suzanne's faves!

One of Suzanne’s faves!

Suzanne begins this podcast with the announcement of a new “Music” category here on the website, and—while reminding us she’s sooo much younger than Bob—lays claim to being a lifelong Beatles fan.

Bob & Suzanne

Smiling…before the reality of Spelling’s “script politics”

The episode moves on to what Bob himself describes as his “greatest career failure” while under contract to Aaron Spelling Productions and writing and producing Dark Mansions for ABC-TV.

It’s a tale of classic Hollywood casting politics as Bob sets the record straight as to exactly why former movie queen…Read More>


Episode #12 – Suzanne the actress: How she did it!

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SuzLavaLavaOpening this episode with an off-the-wall giggling fit, Bob and Suzanne quickly recover their “professional bearing” and Suzanne recalls how she broke into the Screen Actors Guild with her first speaking role on Fantasy Island (while alienating all the other “Lava-Lava Girls” on the set).

With an early introduction into The School of Hard Knocks and the world of studio and network auditions, Suzanne’s artistic expectations bump into the harsh reality of repeated casting calls…Read More>

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Episode #11 – Suzanne Breaks Into Showbiz

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The secretary who couldn’t type!

In this episode, Bob McCullough finally gets his wife Suzanne Herrera McCullough to reveal how she went from UCLA undergrad with dreams of becoming a social worker to a career on the set of some of the most iconic and classic TV shows and movies of our time.

Through these gates...Hollywood dreams!

Through these gates…Hollywood dreams!

From her first days visiting a boyfriend on the set of The Godfather with Francis Ford Coppola and Al Pacino, to what amounted to a silver-platter invitation to enter the rarified world of Universal City Studios at its heyday, Suzanne moved quickly from one opportunity to the next…Read More>



Episode #10 – Oscars, Aaron Spelling, Jackie Collins, and “Hollywood Wives”

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"Daily Variety" ad thanking Aaron Spelling

“Daily Variety” ad thanking Aaron Spelling

Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins

When Aaron Spelling handed Jackie Collins’ Hollywood Wives to Bob, it was the beginning of an incredible year that had him hob-nobbing with major showbiz icons like Rod Steiger, Candace Bergin, Robert Stack, Suzanne Somers, Angie Dickenson, Joanna Cassidy, Stephanie Powers, and the man who would later become “Hannibal Lecter”… Read More>



Episode #9 – “Falcon Crest”…the conclusion

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Jane Wyman...no interest in being First Lady

Jane Wyman…no interest in being First Lady

Recalling the halcyon days on location in Napa Valley while shooting the first several seasons of Falcon Crest, Bob rhapsodizes about their lunch with Robert Mondavi Suzanne reveals her private moments shared with Jane Wyman (as she describes her married life with then-President Ronald Reagan), what it was like to deal with the U.S. Secret Service and Hugh Hefner on the same production, and what life was actually  like on the location of a hit TV series. Read More>


Episode  #8 – “Falcon Crest”…the beginning

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FalconCrestTitle-300x224From his initial meeting with Emmy winning Walton’s creator Earl Hamner…to being privately “auditioned” by Academy Award-winning superstar Jane Wyman…to daily life on the set with series stars Susan Sullivan, David Selby, Robert Foxworth, William R. Moses, Lorenzo Lamas, and Mel Ferrer, Bob’s life on Falcon Crest proved to be the stuff of showbiz dreams.  Bob shares some unforgettable moments on the set with high-power guest stars, including Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson and Lana Turner…and reveals the charming trick Shannon Tweed used…Read More>


Episode #7 – Backstage with “Bionic Woman” and…Van Halen!

Quick link to free iTunes Episode #7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Farrah_Fawcett_iconic_pinup_1976

Bob recalls how Kenneth Johnson gave him a big break on Bionic Woman, resulting in one of the series’ most watched episodes, “In This Corner, Jaime Sommers”.  BionicLindseyBob then tries to answer a direct question from Suzanne about his time spent with  Farrah Fawcett  before moving on to his unconventional strategy for selling the next script he did for the show “Jaime and The King”, which led him and Suzanne to a raucous backstage night with David Lee Roth and Van Halen. As he recalls the professionalism of Lindsey Wagner…Read More>


Episode #6 – “Six Million Dollar Man”…with Lee Majors & Farrah Fawcett

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SixMilLogoBob describes his “below the line” move from Paramount TV and we learn how he found himself inside the gates at Universal City Television in its heyday. Bob had an inside track to fulfilling his ambition of becoming a writer…and he took full advantage of it to sell his first story on the show and overcome the “system” that invariably tried to screw young wannabe writers.  While Suzanne details the bio of Lee Majors—cracking wise about Lee and Bob growing 70s-era mustaches–Bob describes life on the inside of The Six Million Dollar Man, recalling the professionalism and good cheer of the show’s iconic star…Read More>


 Episode #5 – Breaking in on “Mission: Impossible”…
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Click here to check out some great episodes!

ParamountLogoBob & Suzanne discuss Bob’s first real movie studio gig and how he talked his way past the guards at Paramount Studios to get an “impossible” interview. Suzanne rightfully accuses him of unmitigated chutzpah, and we learn what life was like on one of the most iconic and challenging shows on network television, the original “Mission: Impossible”. Bob talks about the cast changes on that show, shares his memories of  “Mission” stars PeterGraves, Martin Landau, and Mike Connors, star of…           Read More>


Listen right now!

Listen right now!

Episode #4 – Producing International Hits and Living Overseas…

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Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling

Bob & Suzanne outline the high points of Bob’s writing and producing career from his years with Aaron Spelling to his gig with Jerry Bruckheimer as he reveals the secret to longevity in the TV game while recalling the actors and writers he worked with.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

From turning a failed pilot into an 88-episode hit (and finding the world’s most expensive hot dogs), to selling an action-packed ABC-TV network pilot based on a 3-year-old’s show idea, to scouting the South Pacific looking for perfect surf……Read More>


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Episode #3 – Surviving in Show Business

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SuzanneProfile-150x150TomCruise-150x150Suzanne plays the “Latina Power” card, gives her review of today’s Hollywood Reporter Magazine, does a bit of name-dropping about their Santa Barbara neighbors, touches upon the years of the Hollywood Blacklist, and Bob opines about how The Academy Awards seem to overlook the obvious. Suzanne then takes Bob into the heart of his writing-producing-directing career… Read More>

Listen right now!

Listen right now!


Episode #2 – Bob & Suzanne break into “the biz”…at the bottom!

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KirkDouglas-150x150 NBClogo1Bob admits that literally begging his way into grad school proved to be a brilliant career move which ultimately led to snagging his first showbiz job as an NBC “page” in beautiful downtown Burbank. From ushering old ladies into “Let’s Make A Deal” to gigs on “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson” and “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”, Bob and Suzanne talk about first encounters with stars like Goldie Hawn, Sammie Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and—the most glamorous true “star” of all—Kirk Douglas.    Read More>


Episode #1 – Raised by gangsters and loving the quiz shows…

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Bob & Suzanne

Bob & Suzanne

This debut episode starts with Bob’s FBI-agent birthright and takes us through a childhood spent in  Sunset Strip nightclubs… where he hung out with Nat “King” Cole and sang duets with Sophie Tucker and Johnny Ray.MacFBI1

Raised with gun-toting West Coast Jewish  mobsters as family role models,  Bob reveals the details of youthful encounters with naked movie stars like Carol Baker and Rock Hudson… Read More>

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