#46 – David Ansen: A Life at the Movies

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David Ansen’s passion for movies has earned him one of the most unique and influential careers in modern entertainment history.

David Ansen Film Critic

David Ansen: Movie Aficionado

He joins his high school classmate Bob and Suzanne in a revealing and engaging conversation that starts with a childhood growing up in Beverly Hills as the son of a Hollywood industry insider.

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Going from undergrad writing studies at Harvard, to life on a commune, and then to writing about movies for Boston’s The Real Paper, David then moved on to a decades-long career as Newsweek’s leading film critic.

David Ansen review star wars

The “unkillable” movie!

L.A. Film Festival James Franco

David Ansen & James Franco at the L.A. Film Festival

David’s new assignment as Lead Programmer for the 2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival guarantees his ongoing influence in the world of serious filmmaking.

If you like movies, you don’t want to miss this revealing conversation with David Ansen.

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