#8 – Falcon Crest (Part 1)

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Falcon Crest tv show television series

Falcon Crest – Main Title

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Listen right now!

At the heart of this podcast episode, Suzanne gets Bob to reveal his “Hawaiian shirt” habit that led to a major career move: moving from mere “writer” to the empyrean heights of prime-time television as Supervising Producer on CBS-TV’s

Falcon Crest.

"Falcon Crest" tv series

“Falcon Crest” debuts on CBS

With an edgy “spec” script titled The Outing (which got him a series of jobs but has still never been produced) in hand, Bob broke away from writing for Universal-NBC’s BJ & The Bear and quickly became a key collaborator and creative force behind the iconic “nighttime soap”  Falcon Crest.

Falcon Crest Cast & Crew tv series jane wyman susan sullivan robert foxworth lorenzo lamas ana alicia bill moses

Falcon Crest Cast & Crew. Where’s Bob…? On Foxworth’s lap!




From his initial meeting with Emmy winning Walton’s creator Earl Hamner…to being privately “auditioned” by Academy Award-winning superstar Jane Wyman…to daily life on the set with series stars Susan Sullivan, David Selby, Robert Foxworth, William R. Moses, Lorenzo Lamas, and Mel Ferrer, Bob’s life on Falcon Crest proved to be the stuff of showbiz dreams.

falcon crest cast jane wyman susan sullivan robert foxworth lorenzo lamas ana alicia david selby shannon tweed bill moses

“Falcon Crest” cast…who’s that in the upper left corner?

Bob shares some unforgettable moments on the set with high-power guest stars, including Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson and Lana Turner…and reveals the charming trick Shannon Tweed used to get her TV and movie career started.

Among the show’s fans, it’s well-known that the very best years of the series were those early years.  Falcon Crest broke into TV’s “top ten”, and in just a few years rose to #3 in the Nielsen Ratings…and in this podcast, you’ll find out why.  (And the next podcast will reveal how things quickly fell apart…with LOTS more pictures to come!)

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