#1 – Gangsters, Quiz Shows, and “Going Hollywood”

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gangsters to quiz shows

Bob’s bio-dad…a real “G-man”

Listen right now!

Listen right now!

This debut episode starts with Bob’s FBI-agent birthright and takes us through a childhood spent in  Sunset Strip nightclubs… where he hung out with Nat “King” Cole and sang duets with Sophie Tucker and Johnny Ray.

gangsters to quiz shows

Step-dad & Mom: Mobster with his “moll”

Raised with gun-toting West Coast Jewish  mobsters as family role models,  Bob reveals the details of youthful encounters with naked movie stars like Carol Baker and Rock Hudson

gangsters to quiz shows

Rock Hudson…as witnessed by Bob!

…and then describes his celebrity-filled school years living in a one-bedroom apartment on “the wrong side of the tracks” just down the street from the movie-star mansions of Beverly Hills.

beverly hills gangsters to quiz shows

Bob’s hometown…

Life at Beverly Hills High–where Bob was presumed to be Jewish but wasn’t–led to undergrad years at USC and an eye-opening experience with anti-semitism which colors his attitudes even to this day.

gangsters to quiz shows

Bob’s favorite “quiz show”

Suzanne makes Bob reveal how Vietnam-era draft evasion forced him to change his name, and how his repeated appearances on a handful of quiz shows propelled him toward an unusual career choice that took him from the world of gangsters to quiz shows.

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