#54 – Marc Pariser – Career Consultant & Former Agent

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Career builder Marc Pariser

Marc Pariser – Hollywood’s Hottest Career Consultant

Marc Pariser is a former William Morris and CAA television packaging agent, now working as Hollywood’s leading career consultant and project coach.
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As an agent, Marc represented a broad spectrum of talent ranging from writers, directors, producers, and production companies.  He has experience on both sides of the deal-making desk as a buyer and as a seller.

WME where a career can start

William Morris-Endeavor, Beverly Hills, Ca.

This conversation with Bob & Suzanne features Marc talking about the origins of his career and the behind-the-scenes of his life working his way up through the  shark-infested waters as a Hollywood agent.  If you’re a writer, director, producer, or actor looking for an agent, you need to hear what Marc has to say…and if you hope to become an agent yourself or are looking to become a force on the business side of the entertainment industry, you MUST hear what Marc has to say!

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CAA Headquarters, Century City, Ca.

Today, along with a schedule packed with his producing projects and an exclusive roster of management clients, Marc offers his services as a personal career advisor with a primary focus on writers, and he welcomes contacts at www.MarcPariser.com.

Marc offers personalized one-on-one career coaching for people seeking a career in Hollywood, or who already work in the entertainment industry. Whether or not you have representation, Marc can help you clarify your career path, create a road map to get where you want to be professionally, help you deal with complex professional issues, and help you achieve success and personal satisfaction along the way.

A successful career requires more than just pitching, selling, auditioning, and looking for your next job. Learn how to:

  • Increase your chances of making agents and personal managers want to sign you.
  • Discover how to help your representative do the best job possible for you.
  • Learn what you can do, in addition to having representation, to maximize your chances for achieving your goals.


where hollywood hides book hard cover full color santa barbara