#6 – “Six Million Dollar Man”…with Lee Majors & Farrah Fawcett

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Listen right now!

Six Million Dollar Suzanne Profile

Suzanne The Interrogator

Proving that “the show must go on”, Suzanne shows up with the New Year Flu to ignore Bob’s been-there-done-that arrogance.

six million dollar Paramount Studios: Location Manager

Paramount Studios: Location Manager

She presses him to detail his “below the line” move from Paramount TV and we learn how Bob found himself inside the gates at Universal City Television in its heyday.UniversalLogo

six million dollar lee majors

Six Million Dollar Man Title Page

With more than 20 prime-time shows on the air from Baretta to The Rockford Files, Universal had a runaway hit with

The Six Million Dollar Man.

As the show’s Location Manager, Bob had an inside track to fulfilling his ambition of becoming a writer…and he took full advantage of it to sell his first story on the show and overcome the “system” that invariably tried to screw young wannabe writers.

While Suzanne details the bio of Lee Majors—cracking wise about Lee and Bob growing 70s-era mustaches–Bob describes life on the inside of The Six Million Dollar Man, recalling the professionalism and good cheer of the show’s iconic star…

six million dollar man location lee majors

Lee Majors and Producer Ken Johnson on the set

…as well as the unforgettable day he spent alone with Farrah Fawcett well before she became a household name on Charlie’s Angels.

six million dollar man lee majors farrah fawcett

Farah Fawcett & Lee Majors: Hot couple!

Suzanne dishes a little gossip about Lee & Farrah, but admits to wearing the hairstyle Farrah made famous…and throughout the podcast she only coughs once! What a trouper!

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