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Where Hollywood Hides: Santa Barbara  is packed with dazzling up-close celebrity photos and profiles of many of the city’s most famous and accomplished show business personalities.  It’s an enduring memento of Santa Barbara and truly a piece of Hollywood glamour.WebsiteBookBanner2 copy

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"Famous Enough"...a MUST read!

“Famous Enough”…a MUST read!

Famous Enough: A Hollywood Memoir is a riveting view of the Hollywood studio system from the inside-out.

Written with compelling candor and breezy irreverence, it delivers the truth you may not be ready to handle.

Diane McBain–a genuine Hollywood Legend and an iconic beauty whose cinematic appeal has never waned–worked closely with esteemed biographer Michael Gregg Michaud to tell the story of a pretty little girl who went from local beauty queen to international stardom almost be accident.

As Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite actress  Tippi Hedren commented, “this is a book about the real Hollywood, the story of an actress who saw it from the top and from the bottom…”

You can hear Diane talk about the book and how she wrote it on her Where Hollywood Hides podcast!

Everything you want to know about "Little House on the Prairie"

Everything you want to know about “Little House on the Prairie”

The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House is the definitive “inside story” of what it was like for Melissa Sue Anderson to grow up in front of millions of devoted fans on the set of “Little House on the Prairie”.  It’s an intimate and candid look behind the scenes of the most iconic TV show of its time.

This incredibly candid, well-told story reveals what child stardom in Hollywood is all about…and what it takes to survive it all to become a successful adult star, wife, and mother.

You can hear Melissa Sue Anderson talk about the book and what it was like to write it on her Where Hollywood Hides podcast!

The Equalizer

Written by creator Michael Sloan!

Written by creator Michael Sloan!

Michael Sloan, co-creator of the classic TV series The Equalizer, has written the most compelling action-thriller of the season.  This book is no re-hash of the TV show, nor is it to be compared to the feature film starring Denzel Washington;  this is the fully-fleshed out Robert McCall, a man with a mysterious background and a mission to bring justice to those desperate innocents needing it.

This is a great read by a great, multi-talented writer…and if you want to hear Michael talk about how this book evolved and the details of his writing process, be sure to hear his Where Hollywood Hides podcast!


PeckinpahBookA piece of American Film History, Peckinpah: A Portrait in Montage is written by our good friend and prolific television and screen writer, Garner Simmons. This is the definitive “must read” for fans of legendary director Sam Peckinpah, who simply “took the road less traveled by” and fundamentally changed the game.PeckinpayEssays

Garner also contributed an amazing essay to the just-released Peckinpah today: New Essays on the Films of Sam Peckinpah. Wonderful reading…and you can hear Garner talk about his adventures with Peckinpah on his Where Hollywood Hides podcast…

"TV Noir" by Ray Starman

“TV Noir” by Ray Starman

If you’re into classic cops & detectives, TV Noir-The Twentieth Century is a quick read and valuable reference that delivers a true historical analysis of vintage film noir techniques and characterizations that influenced the early years of TV drama.  It’s a serious analysis, quite academic, but highly readable, from Ray Starman, a true student of the media.



The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide to Her Magical Performances by Herbie Pilato

A great read and historical reference.

A great read and historical reference.

This book is MUCH more than a piece of mere memorabilia-entertainment…although it’s a completely engaging and highly entertaining read!   In her generation, there were few women on TV who could compete with the lasting appeal of Liz Montgomery, and this epic book–filled with insider info and stuffed with great photos–certainly makes the case for her enduring legacy.  Pilato’s book deserves to be on the shelf of both serious students of TV history and casual fans with a thirst for knowing all there is to know about the Bewitched star.



Check out the most incredible website developed by  Thomas Pucher, President of the European Falcon Crest Fan Club.  This is where you’ll find amazing memorabilia and a remarkable and detailed information resource about one of the most iconic “nighttime soaps” of our generation.

Here’s truly classic television from Bob’s first television series gig: the original “Mission: Impossible”

If you’re a fan of the original  “Mission: Impossible” TV series…here’s an illustrated fan’s guide to the show’s entire history…                                                                                               And here’s the definitive story of how the eternally contemporary “Mission” theme song came to be such a classic, written by Lalo Schifrin himself…

And from the “sister” show in the Geller-Crane Paramount Television unit, here’s “Mannix”.  A great collection at an amazing price!


From our dear friend and original co-star of Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”, actor/producer Jimmy Hawkins, brings a real insider’s perspective to an American Film Classic.  These  are true “coffee table classics”…

Check out these great reads from Thomas B. Sawyer, who worked with Bob on “BJ & the Bear” and then moved on to produce “Murder, She Wrote”.



Here are some of the best “Falcon Crest” videos out there.


Check out the great “Six Million Dollar Man” and “Bionic Woman” collections…



Here’s one of the great cultural icons of the 1980’s: Farrah Fawcett.  Each one of these is a true collectible, so grab one at a great price by just clicking on the Amazon links here :


ChanceLogoChance McCullough is currently handling all sound/music for Where Hollywood Hides podcasts.  A prolific young music producer, composer, songwriter and recording engineer with degrees in both music and audio technology, Chance has produced, engineered, and mixed for a variety of artists nationwide and in Europe.  With extensive knowledge of music theory and music technology, Chance works in wide range of genres, including hip-hop, pop, r&b, electronic, reggae, rock, classical/orchestral, and music for film, TV, and new media. ChancePicIf you need tracks, original compositions, or just the best hands on your boards, check out his sounds and contact him directly at (You’ll be glad you did…)

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