#36 – Talent Manager Barry Katz: Hollywood’s “Dream Maker”

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Talent manager Barry Katz is truly a Hollywood thought leader without peer.

 Barry Katz is Hollywood’s premier talent manager, with a client list that reads like The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In this intimate conversation, you’ll hear how Elvis Presley was a factor in developing Barry’s amazing work ethic…and how, even as a child, his empathetic nature made him the “everything’s gonna be okay guy”.

His story begins in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, earning a degree at Boston University with a focus on social services.  Barry then shifted gears to begin life as a stand-up comic in Boston, working side-by-side with bigtime talents like Denis Leary, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Steven Wright.  He soon found himself managing the same clubs he was appearing in.  It wasn’t long before Barry was signing clients and getting them gigs on Saturday Night Live. 

Fifteen years later, Barry had built a management company with no peers.  He had become a powerhouse manager, repping a wide range of talent from Jay Mohr to Louis CK.  Barry Katz has produced numerous comedy albums, over 30 TV specials, reality shows, and network series.

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Another tough day at the office: Barry with Norman Lear

As you listen to Barry talk, you’ll come to know firsthand and intimately the remarkable character of Barry Katz, a thought leader and entertainment industry icon like no other.

This is a compelling conversation with a unique, gifted guy and a talent manager like none other in Hollywood. You don’t want to miss this one.

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