#44 – Acting Legend Tab Hunter

where hollywood hides book hard cover full color santa barbara Acting and Living the Life of a True “Golden Era” Movie Star

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Tab Hunter Actor horseman

Tab Hunter Doing What He Loves Best

Legendary acting icon Tab Hunter may be Hollywood’s purest definition of “movie star”…but he’s much more than just an actor. Since his debut on the silver screen, he’s been a producer, screenwriter, and is now a celebrated author, horseman, and an inspirational voice of social progress.

tab hunter autobiography

Tab Hunter Confidential: a fabulous read!

In this exclusive and conversational podcast interview with Santa Barbara neighbors Bob & Suzanne, Tab openly shares details of a unique childhood that set him off on a true journey of self-discovery, worldwide celebrity, and spiritual awareness.

Tab candidly reveals vivid and poignant details of his early career as an actor alongside Natalie Wood and James Dean as the last of the studio system’s “contract players” and as Warner Bros. Studios’ top grossing star throughout the 1950s and 60s.  What followed were years of whirlwind celebrity as he navigated the treacherous cycles of popular acclaim and bottom-line show business politics.  As Tab tells his story, you’ll hear not only the “voice of experience,” but a searingly honest appraisal of the challenges of maintaining a Hollywood acting career.

James Dean Tab Hunter

Contract players: James Dean & Tab hunter

tab hunter gunman's walk

Starring in “Gunman’s Walk”

You’ll discover that Tab Hunter is not just “another actor” with an amazing list of credits who has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood history, appeared in some of the industry’s most classic films and enjoyed a career as a successful pop singer. You’ll discover a dynamic and energetic creative force who sets an inspiring example for us all.  And now Tab’s the author of his fantastic autobiography Tab Hunter Confidential, that tells the incredible story of an amazing Hollywood career.

Come meet Tab and hear him tell his inspirational story of courage and tenacity on this free iTunes podcast.

where hollywood hides book hard cover full color santa barbara

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